posted on 20.05.2014 by harley@task2.com.au

Q: Are you qualified to give advice?

A: Absolutely. Richard Sheargold has 14 years experience in the Investment Banking, Private Equity and Funds Management world. He also has 11 years experience in financial planning. Richard holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance, is a Certified Practising Accountant and holds a Diploma in Financial Planning. Richard is well qualified to provide financial planning advice.

Q: What are the benefits of receiving advice through you as opposed to one of the larger groups?

A: Being a privately owned, boutique financial planning group we specialise in crafting holistic advice that suits the individual. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We do not recommend products that pay high commissions but rather construct a strategy and then a portfolio that reflects your goals and objectives. We give unprejudiced advice without influence from large institutions.

Q: How will I know how my portfolio/superannuation fund is tracking?

A: Depending on your fee structure, portfolio reviews are conducted quarterly with an annual review as a minimum requirement. You will also receive online or telephone access so you can monitor your investments/superannuation yourself at your own pace.

Q: What sort of returns should I expect?

A: Returns on your portfolio depend on local and global conditions, your risk profile and your goals and objectives. For a consultation to determine your goals, objectives and risk profile contact Stonebridge Capital.

Q: Do you do fee-for-service advice or commission?

A: In the majority of cases we charge an initial and ongoing fee-for-service. However, in some instances clients with smaller balances may prefer to allow Stonebridge Capital to receive a commission (or entry fee) from a product provider. We would prefer the fee-for-service model as it reduces the perception of influence by a large institution.

Q: Can you recommend direct shares?

A: Yes, our Australian Financial Services Licence allows us to recommend a wide range of financial products and services including but not limited to, direct shares, managed funds, warrants, superannuation products, self managed superannuation and insurance.

Q: Is it beneficial for me to buy shares?

A: Depending on your risk profile we do recommend shares as part of a broader portfolio. In some instances however clients may not have an adequate amount of money to invest to merit direct shares. Managed funds would substitute in these circumstances.

Q: Who is Balmedie Financial Pty Ltd?

A: Balmedie Financial Pty Ltd is the company that holds the Australian Financial Services Licence with ASIC. Balmedie Financial Pty Ltd is family owned and not in any way related to any other financial institution. Both Richard Sheargold and Stonebridge Wealth Solutions Pty Ltd (trading as Stonebridge Capital) are authorised representatives of Balmedie Financial Pty Ltd.

Q: I watched a very disturbing exposé of bank advice on ABC’s Four Corners. Is your business like this?

A: Absolutely not. In fact we welcome programs like this one exposing the often poor advice by some members of the industry, especially where there is a heavy degree of influence in the advice process. We are not aligned in any way with any bank or other financial institution. We have a strict screening process for all financial products. At no point do we screen based on financial incentive to us. Ever!