What we do

posted on 20.05.2014 by harley@task2.com.au

At Stonebridge Capital we pride ourselves on our impartiality. We are not aligned with any institution, bank or insurer. We do not receive any incentive payments from any institution but instead, provide a bespoke fee based service to all clients.

Once we have established a relationship with you, you will receive advice that is crafted to fit your needs and importantly, will not be product centric. We take the time to listen, research and then plan a structured and relevant solution for our clients. We are not bound by any parent company or shareholder expectations, bottom line or sales targets which means we have the clarity to provide a best of breed relevant solution to our clients.

Our bespoke, personalised and holistic approach means that we look at your financial needs as a whole, rather than at individual components, incorporating retirement planning, superannuation, tax effective strategies, wealth creation & management, estate planning and asset protection.

We can also liaise with your legal and taxation advisors in order to target the optimum income, taxation and wealth accumulation outcomes for you.

We believe in building long term relationships, where our expertise contributes to the long term success and sustainability of your financial future.

Listing of Products and Services

Personal Financial Planning

  • Wealth and accumulations strategies
  • Tax effective investment planning
  • Management of implemented strategies

Risk Management

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disability
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Business Risk Management (Buy/Sell agreements (business succession), key person, group policy)

Superannuation and Estate Planning

  • Superannuation strategies including the recommendations of Self-Managed Super Funds
  • Retirement planning to suit your lifestyle and timeframe
  • Centrelink planning
  • Estate Planning

Loans and Financing

  • Home Loans (as a referral)
  • Investment Loans (as a referral)
  • Leasing (as a referral)