Ethical Investment

posted on 26.05.2014 by

At Stonebridge Capital we understand that there is a serious demand for ethical investing. Ethical to us is not just about investing in companies that endeavour to create a low carbon economy. We believe that there are a number of ways that your investment or superannuation money can be invested to help you achieve an ethical slant on any portfolio. Areas such as medical research; technology breakthroughs; low chemical agriculture; circumventing tobacco, alcohol and gambling companies; avoiding manufacturers with poor industrial relations records particularly overseas are often forgotten when discussing ethical investing.

Our investment team at Stonebridge Capital provide deep and wide research on all fund managers we recommend. We have particular screens we use to filter out many managers leaving us with a dedicated pool of managers. We are very cognisant of conviction within any fund manager. This is very important within the ethical universe. We have therefore narrowed our recommended list of ethical managers in Australia to a very small and boutique list. We prefer to have a deeply ethical manager so that if you want us to, we can combine that with other managers to help negate concentration risk within any one portfolio.

During our initial discussions we often pose the idea of investing part of your portfolio (whether that’s superannuation or non super) in fund managers who have an ethical approach to portfolio construction. If you are comfortable with this approach we will construct a portfolio with this in mind, if not then we invest accordingly.

For further information about ethical investing, please click the here. Please note that Stonebridge Capital has no third party or vested interest in any fund manager or institution. All fund managers chosen on our approved list are there purely on merit and as part of our strict screening process.